Awareness through Movement® CLASSES:   

Slow down and listen to your body as you explore how Awareness through Movement® (ATM) lessons from the Feldenkrais Method® can bring greater ease, clarity, and flow to your movement, decrease stress, and enhance self-awareness.

Classes are offered in 8-10 week series, but you can drop-in or start anytime (beginners welcome)!
The theme for June 20th and 27th is "CONNECTING to your CORE"

The lessons are verbally guided, gentle, awareness-based movement explorations.  They are designed to improve how your brain executes movements and can be used to learn to attune to yourself and to improve ANY action e.g. your breathing, your running form, how you sit, stand, or do a yoga posture. 
In this class series, you will be guided to feel your response to a brief core activation exercise at the beginning and end of class so you can discover the sensations and nuances of how you use your core.

Dates:  Wednesdays 11:15-12:15 (no class on 7-4 and 7-11)


Payment Options:  SAVE when you sign up for the 10-week series for $150. 
Or, purchase a ‘Teacher Class Card’  (10-class card good for one year for my classes: $180.)
Single Drop-In class: $20. 

Location:  'Roots and Wings', 317 North Main Street, Natick, MA

More Info: Contact Marcia at 508-358-5314 or